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Tank Top 149 nilo

This is a perfect top, one of the absolute best on the market, according to our clients who made us put it on the webshop in many sizes and many colours.

The fabric is fantastic, very stretchy, light and cool. The microfiber prevents dirt and smells. Very easy to wash, drip-dry on a hanger. Perfect for travels.

The fabric is double, two layers.

It as almost guaranteed never to change. But if you have a problem, come back and we will see if we can do something


Fabric: Nilo

86%PA 14%EA

Microfiber with real Lycra, very comfortable,

Nano-properties, and these are among others that odors are avoided, and also, that is is easy to wash and quick to dry.

Very good fabric for travels.

If size and/or colour is not available as wished, please mail us for list of shops with this product.

Elise Gug produces in Italy. The products travel 1500km from producer to shop. This gives less than 20% of the CO2 emission compared to production is China, 9000kr from the shops in Europe

Buying Elise Gug gives a cleaner future. As does buying things, produced close to Your home .

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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