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Dress 9303 Darfo

2 .599 DKK


Above knee-length, two fake pockets at hip.


DARFO is a two-sided jersey. It has an outer layer (70% of total weight) of virgin wool of highest quality.

It has an interlayer (30% of total weight) of PA/Nylon.

These two layer are knitted together, however the two types of yarn are not mixed, they are separate.

This gives the fabric unique prpoerties. It is warm, thanks to the the wool, but not too warm, as it is a normal size jersey, not a sweater.

It is also smooth to the body, as the PA functions as a lining.

Also, the fabric can be washed in wool hands-programs by normal washing machines. No need to rinse.


During the proces of knitting the fabric, the yarns are kept isolated from surroundings, no foreign dust is added to the fabric in this process.


Elise Gug has used this fabric for 20 years. We never receive complaints. As a modern environmental conscious company, we are glad that we – by selling ever-lasting products of almost eternal beauty – contribute to lowering the CO2-pollution as a saved emission is also less emission, as Elise Gug products in general lasts forever, there is no need to buy new clothes.

Another reason this in not necessary is of course that the clothes and dresses of ELISE GUG can be used season after season, they are still beautiful even after 20 years, and a beautiful dress is always modern, otherwise it will not be beautiful


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