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Dress 9056 Nilo Print
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WINTER SALE – halfway through Winter

KYNDELMISSE is the danish name for the coldest day of winter – also halfway in the Winter

And the day of PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL appears. The danish tradition is 110% similar to the New England saying, if the days is overcast  (= there is no shadow) – the winter will be short.

So here is your chance, halfway through winter, get some cheaper winter clothes from Elise Gug, or hurry up and buy the last of last years Summer clothing.

In 1-2 weaks the new clothes arrive. Beautiful new Summer clothes.

Available sizes
  • 42
T-shirt 1002 Nilo Print Flower Mint, 1 size 42
1 .112 DKK 445 DKK

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Available sizes
  • 42
Dress 9129 Nilo Print Flower Blue, 1 left in size 42
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