How to save 80% of CO2

Buying anything with a short distance to transport lowers the CO2 emission. Why buy for instance vegetables flown in from very far away? Buy locally to save the very high emissions of not only CP2, also particles and more packaging in plastic. And buy organic because organic products protects the disappearing insects

Elise Gug produces in Italy. The products travel 1800km from producer to shop. This gives 20% of the CO2 emission compared to production is China, 9000km from the shops in Europe.

This is not a precise scientific calculation, even as 1500 km is exactly 20% of 9000km, it compares diesel trucks from factory to shop with airplanes from Shanghai to Copenhagen plus trucks to Shanghai and from Copenhagen, and also repacking during a 2-week process at a factory in Denmark. We ship from factory to shop, not via a warehuse in Copenhagen so we have no need for extra ironing and repacking. In all, we are safe that our method is so much better for the CO2 emission that nothing really is better than going down to 20% of the CO2, when governments want a 25% reduction they are ridiculed as giving empty promises. Well, buy locally and all that, and of course, buy ELISE GUG. We also think that the durability makes only buying half what is necessary with most fashion, reduces the CO2 even more. 10% !

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