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Elise Gug makes beautiful clothes. Behind the scenes her company works with low CO2 emissions. By producing in Italy the transport to eurpeans clients are less than 20% of the emissions that a production in China and the Far East gives. Everybody must bring down emissions where we are. 20% of CO2 is very low. Elise Gu is also sending the products directly from the factories to the shops. Elise Gug does not have a warehouse or a big stock with extra heating and extra transport.
Elise Gug is also very high quality products. They are made of the best italian products (Again, by using local fabrics the transport of the fabrics, buttons and so on is also minimized.
The end result for Elise Gug is that succesful women is wearing ELISE GUG

Niels Kongshaug
Elise Gug - Official site

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