Elise Gug is made in Italy. All clothes from Italy has less than 20% CO2 emission compared to clothes from far away. Please consider this. We have now 11 years and 7 months before the deadline of 2030.

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Elise Gug is going to try new ways of bringing her design to the market.
The next initiative is starting this Fall.
Elise has visited factories and weavers in Italy for mor than 30 years. Now she has used her knowledge of these hundreds of places to search for luxury fabrics, on the way to be thrown out.
So in an increasing amount, the fabrics of Elise Gug will be a use of the leftover from the biggest designers. Not that Elise Gug is not as good, but, frankly, the turnover of other designers are bigger.
So from now on, the fabrics of Elise Gug will be limited editions of the best fabrics in the world, fabrics that never again can be purchased.
Except for the classics in the Collection. They remain.

Niels Kongshaug
Mortara event-5-kopi
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