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Mortara event-5-kopi

Elise Gug makes beautiful clothes for successful women.
After the 2011 Oscar-dress, Susanne Bier, three italian cities celebrated the dress and the designer behind.
Vigevano, Mortara and Gambolò all staged fashion shows to celebrate that the dress had roots in these three cities.
In Italy they are very happy to get an Oscar, why not remember happy times on this web page!

Elise gug uses fabrics in the best qualities, qualities that give her clothes the qualities she wants. It is fit, look, elasticity, flow, all properties that have to do with the look of the clothing. Elise Gug wants her design to express her desire to make women beautiful in the best possible way. This requires as good substances as possible.
The manufacturers of these substances all have one or more certificates for environmental awareness, for low energy consumption, for water recycling, for water purification.
Elise Gug transports her designs with a CO2 consumption of 20% of similar clothes, produced in China.

Niels Kongshaug
Mortara event-5-kopi
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