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ELISE GUG has always strived to combine Danish design with Italian luxury and craftsmanship while making women feel beautiful and well-dressed with the Scandinavian mantra “less is more,” and is known for having timeless designs in high-quality garments that last for years.
We believe in high quality, distinct craftsmanship and when you buy ELISE GUG you buy clothes that last – this is how we do responsibility.



Our production is “100% Made in Italy” and live up to the environmental regulations set by international laws.
We meticulously sort unsuable leftover fabrics according to the contents of fibers before transporting it to the correct waste-facilities. Usable leftovers are saved and reused later either as re-orders or as new styles in limited edition, this is our own dead stock material.



We believe in high quality, exquisite craftmanship and long-lasting clothing – across seasons  and trends.
We value quality more than quantity, which is why we work with smaller collections produced by orders.
Our mission is to create designs that are long-lasting and timeless, as well as being able to be styled with the previous collections to give them new life.



To avoid over-producing and generating waste, we make most of our production ‘on-demand’.
To help reduce over-production in the industry, we produce ‘on-demand’. In this way we only use the material that is needed and thus have minimal waste. However, we do not see leftovers as waste, because our materials are timeless and can be used again, e.g. as re-orders in season or as new styles in limited editions.



We ship directly from factory to client, and not via a warehouse in Copenhagen, which means we have no need for extra ironing and repacking. Due to this unique delivery method, our CO2-emission is approximately 10-20% of any similar production outside of the EU.
Orders made in the webshop are either delivered at once from the small stock in Copenhagen, or it is made in a smal laboratory outside Milan within 3 working days and then shipped from there with Ups. These deliveries are normally made within 4 days. If there is a deadline, we can perhaps make your model in one day and ship the next so 2-3 days are the quickest poccible. Normally no extra fees for this express service.


Our costumers often mention that they feel powerful and confident when they are wearing ELISE GUG. At ELISE GUG we want all women to feel this way and believe that a clean conscience helps along with our designs and materials, which is why responsibility is so important to us.