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Kind Words


“I bought my first Elise Gug dress 25 years ago and I gave it to my teenage daughter who still wears it.

"Over time, the Elise Gug clothes have accompanied me faithfully and are part of my identity as women. I have many memories with ELISE GUG.I like this spirit so much: sustainability, slow fashion, quality and proximity.”

"Again - I have to say there’s no real need in wearing other dresses."

"The new collection is amazing!! Love everything in it!! Don’t know how mrs. Gug does it but every season is even more beautiful!Love absolutely everything!!"

"Super nice follow-up on a difficult delivery. It was saved. Never in my 60 years have I received such sympathetic treatment. 5 stars for Niels from Elise Gug"

"Beautiful design, both dress and fabric. High quality and always helpful in the office. Got it delivered after quite a few days, despite the dress having to be sewn first."

"The sweater was as expected – classic with a perfect fit. Fast delivery service!"

"Had ordered a dress, which then turned out to be sold out, despite confirmation that the shipment had been completed. Got a very nice offer to buy another dress, which turned out not to be on sale, but at the same price as first ordered. I thought that was an extended service. Had a personal and quite cheerful correspondence with Niels K😊 – thanks for it. Received the dress the next day, which was beautifully – and neatly wrapped – as well as a nice hanger… Thank you for that."

"Really good advice and feel back when I had questions about the order. Cardigan fully lives up to expectations and now with a lifetime guarantee."


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