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Lifetime Warrenty


Since 1986, Elise Gug has designed and produced high-quality clothing.

Should you discover a defect in the fabric or the way your garment is sewn or produced, we will replace it free of charge within its reasonable lifespan.

We always strive, whenever possible, to repair products rather than replace them. Elise Gug also recommends that you carry out simple, regular care and maintenance to keep your clothes looking their best.


After all, most clothes outlast their owner. So most clothes on a woman lasts at least 25 Years.. So 25 Years is a reasonable lifespan for clothes called fashion, fashion, etc.

However, we have found that three of our best-selling fabrics seem to last longer than 25 Years. These are the substances:


We had all three fabrics in the collection for the first time approx. 1995, that’s more than 25 years ago and in the previous millennium. We have almost never received complaints about clothing in these fabrics. On the contrary, it is stories from highly satisfied customers that have inspired this guarantee.
Of course, we cannot issue a legally enforceable perpetual warranty, but with reasonable limitations in this term, that is what we do anyway. If any customer has clothing in one of these three fabrics, we will either repair or replace this piece of clothing now and in the reasonable future, equivalent to the same 25-30 years for new clothing.
Inside each garment, the model is named on the care instructions, or we can recognize it and can find the original model, fabric, color, etc.. Even if these care instructions are cut off or illegible, we will almost always be able to recognize the garment and give you your replacement , a new piece of clothing to match.
We all still have almost all the old patterns etc.

If this is still impossible, we will replace the garment with the price of an equivalent part today.

It is these stories that have inspired this quite comprehensive guarantee. We will be able to do what we promise.

You are responsible for the shipping costs to get the garment to us for repair.
Before you send your clothes to us, please remember to clean them or we may not be able to work on them.
We look at each case individually and the final decision will be made by evaluating the item of clothing in question.

Accidental damage/wear
Damage in the form of scrapes, holes, cuts, tears, burns or as a result of an animal attack, external force, incorrect ironing or the garment being dropped, dragged or pulled will not be covered by our guarantee. However, where possible we always aim to assist with a functional repair and look at each case on an individual basis.